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How Large an oven can I get?

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  • How Large an oven can I get?

    can I set a 42 inch diameter pompei oven on a 69" X 69" Base, or do I need to go to a 36 inch so I can insulate better?


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    42" Dia. will work on 4 & 1/2 concrete blocks to a side

    (M)Hi, Steve, I wrote on an earlier thread which relates to insulation:

    (M) The most important first decision I had to make was whether I would enclose my Pompeii igloo with house walls made of cement board. I feel that this is so important an early decision that I am also going to post this message on the Newbie Forum.

    (M) The reason this 1st decision is so important is that when I decided to enclose my igloo (permitting me to add lots of perlite insulation under the roof) I realized that it would be a waste of time to do fine finish detail work that would ultimately be hidden. Paul and Robert are just two builders that opted for elegant detail. Robert with his mosaic, and Paul with his arched brick throat entry.

    (M) My recommendation to any Newbie is to make that 1st decision before you do any work! I struggled trying to reconcile different photos and directions until I realized that there is a fundamental structural process to be considered which is based on that 1st choice.
    (M) My hearth stand has 4 1/2 concrete blocks to a side and supports a 42 igloo. Because of how the courses are normally staggered there is no need to cut any blocks. The blocks are a nominal 8 x 16 inches but in reality they are slightly smaller to allow for a morter line.

    (M) If you want to see the initial construction phase of that stand, with comments on size, go to



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