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    Hi James , I'm new in the area , I'm gonna build outdoor kitchen, with oven pizza in my backyard , with pompeii 49" ,with brazilian rottissery grill. I gonna start the igloo , in fell weeks still raining , i have a question , The only place I founded a hight temp mortar , for the oven , Is HARBISON-WALKER REFRATORIES , they sad they have product call SAIRSET fireclay/hight alumina mortar, refractory material, can I use this for the bricks , can in bucket 55pounds ,
    any help I will be glade.


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    Re: Hight temp-Mortar


    It looks like Sairset is composed of about 43% alumina and 50% silica, which is very similar to the tried-and-true HeatStop 50 (@ 40% alumina and 50% silica). I'm no expert, but it looks like the Sairset should work. The data sheet says to "apply in thickness less than 3 mm." Not sure if that would be an issue.

    In theory, it would be best to match your mortar composition to your bricks. According to the FB plans, low-duty firebrick is roughly 30% alumina and 50% silica, the same as the RefMix mortar available from FB.

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      Re: Hight temp-Mortar

      Members have had bad experiences with wet pre-mix mortar. The stuff tends to go bad, and get lumpy, and not dry properly. I don't know if they were using this specific product but H-W is a big manufacturer.

      My feeling? Why pay refractory mortar prices (and shipping) for water? We've got lots of that right on site.
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