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Flagstone base and stand

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  • Flagstone base and stand

    I'd like to know if many designs have used flag stones or prefabricated slabs as the base and also the stand. I notice every design so far has a poured slab renforced with bars.

    I have a sufficient supply of free (my favourite price!) 2'x2' flags/slabs and a supply of larger 4'x18" slabs that were originally a back yard and prefabricated garage. My thoughts are that i could use these for making a base and then table top. I may have to build more block legs and sacrifice storage but I'm happy with that especially if it saves the cost and time of concrete and rebar.

    My worry is that I have no idea if this is suitable. I am a total novice builder and have no experince of these materials. My intutition tells me it will work but I don't want to try and then fail half way through. Also is there a different name for these materials in the US -yard stones or something like that?!

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    Re: Flagstone base and stand

    The concrete base forms a solid base for your fairly massive structure. It floats on a well drained base of crushed stone, which prevents frost heave. I'd be worried that a discontinuous base would prone to shift, causing problems with your oven.

    Concrete is heavy and caustic, but it's cheap. I'd think you'd be foolish to stint on your foundation. Use your slate pavers for the outside of your enclosure where they'd look great. That would be my advice.
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