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Granite deck

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  • Granite deck

    Hi I have a question about deck materials. I think its called a deck, the surface where the fire is and the pizza is cooked. Please correct me if Im using the wrong teminology. In my search for materials for a masonry oven I have found a very good deal on some granite,about 30" X 40" X 1" thick. My question is will this piece of granite work for the deck or cooking surface in a wood fired oven? Do you think it will break or crack? Im thinking soapstone would be ideal for this but I havent been able a find a piece of it for the price a got the granite for. Thanks

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    Re: Granite deck

    You might want to step down to your local stoneyard and see them "flame finish" granite. they apply local heat (with a torch) and little shards of granite pop off, to create a textured surface. I don't know if a direct wood flame would do the same thing, but if it does, I'm not sure that the kind of texture you would want in a pizza.

    Any reason not to use firebrick? It makes an excellent, tested cooking surface, and if you use the herringbone pattern it looks good, too. Also, the two and a quarter thickness is exactly the thermal mass you want for cooking pizza.
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      Re: Granite deck

      I wouldent mind going with the fire brick. I just got a smokin good deal on the granite so I thought I would try to use it. I like the idea of a one piece deck also. But Im always hunting for alternative and or recycled materials to use on several projects I have in various states of incompletion: smoke house,trailered BBQ pit, outdoor kitchen and so on. I have a neighbor that has the fire brick I think I would need to do the whole cook chamber but hes not parting with them right now. Is a one piece deck a bad idea?


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        Re: Granite deck

        Cacus, The is at least one commercial manufacturer that uses a single piece hearth. They make a case that the area beneath a pizza recharges quicker with the one piece and that a peel is less prone to hanging up on an edge of a brick. One company is Wood Stone and as I see you also live in WA you may be familiar with Bellingham. That's were their business is located. Here's a link to their homepage:
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        As to terminology I'm not sure that I'm totally correct but most of the books etc. that I have read refer to the cooking surface as the "hearth". That's the term I use and most people I know understand what I mean when I use it.

        As for single piece granite: dmun is right on regarding flame polish and it's unsuitability for a cooking surface. Perhaps at lower temps it would remain smooth enough but when firing up the heat is really hot in some spots and just very hot in others. I would also expect that you would end up with a cracked piece of granite if you used it.

        I too am into recycle and used alot in constructing my WFO. I would suggest that you consider perhaps using the granite for the landing... the area in front of the entrance. I can attest to you that it will get plenty hot there but so far my granite landing has not cracked. If you are curious check out "Steel Dome Oven" under "introductions" where I have pictures of my build.

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          Re: Granite deck

          Wiley thanks for the reply and information about the hearth. I know I can use the granite in another place. I have enough for a small counter space in a outdoor kitchen I am preparing to build. Thanks again.
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            Re: Granite deck

            I am glad I used the search function as this was my exact question. I found a guy that is selling 8ft long by 26ft wide 1 inch thick granite slabs for a mere $125 buks!, I had the bright idea of cutting one of these slabs in half and I would have enough for two ovens hearths... guess not, oh well, back to the drawing board.


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              Re: Granite deck

              I'd use firebrick for the cooking surface. Granite might make a really nice landing, though!
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                Re: Granite deck

                I used a recycled granite step for my landing on the BenjaMia Oven and I really liked the look...but firebrick was used for the hearth! The other material I would have liked to try was soapstone! but $$$$
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