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Vermiculite Slabs

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  • Vermiculite Slabs

    Hi,New Here and I posted this before and probably in the wrong place. I apologize... I have several solid Vermiculite slabs and would like to use them as the hearth insulation under the firebrick, rather than the vermiculite/cement mixture. They are 1 inch thick and I have enough to cover the entire floor under the oven in 2 layers, If anyone has any thoughts or Ideas ? as to if this would be a good idea, I would appreciate your comments/suggestions.

    Thanks for your help

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    Re: Vermiculite Slabs

    Vermiculite board is an old technology, but it works fine. I use a piece as a soldering pad, and you can put a torch on one end and hold the other with your fingers. It's just vermiculite and binder, so you should probably plan on using the same four inches that we recommend for vermiculite concrete.

    Also, as an obsolete product, it may not be certified asbestos free. Use extra caution when cutting and handling (a proper respirator instead of a paper dust mask)
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      Re: Vermiculite Slabs

      The plans call for an equivalent of four inches of vermiculite insulation under the floor. I would add more vermicrete or ceramic board to make up the difference.
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