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Beginning a Mobile Pizza Business

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  • Beginning a Mobile Pizza Business

    Hello - I am in the beginning stages of starting a wood fired mobile pizza venture. Is there anyone that can give me some insight into the best means to begin? Whether it is with a mobile caterer or an oven built into a truck, approximate startup cost and if any one has success stories?

    Some background - I am a professional chef for over 17 years now, and find that when I am home, pizza is what I enjoy the most and I often fire up to 20 pizzas a day when friends and family are over - I can see the opportunities in doing this full time. I want to build/buy an oven, but I move around alot for work, so I began thinking of a mobile oven - and then it hit me...Mobile Pizza Catering, I haven't seen it anywhere, but I know there are many people having great success with it.

    Thanks in advance for any insight!


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    Re: Beginning a Mobile Pizza Business

    Search is your friend. Pull down the search box from the menu above and put in "mobile"

    Here's the first good thread I found, there are many others.


    Two big considerations, mobile ovens should be prefabs like the forno bravo products, individual brick builds are too fragile for transport. Also, health departments vary widely in what they will allow in food selling: an oven on a trailer may not cut it for food service.
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      Re: Beginning a Mobile Pizza Business

      look on the front of this website and on the left it has rentals.....I had contact with the "Artigiano" guy and he gave me some good numbers on prices and sales. He is in the business to sell a completely mobile oven (he is a Forno Bravo dealer up around Napa somewhere. Check it out.


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        Re: Beginning a Mobile Pizza Business

        It Fired Up Kitchens with Peter DeJong in Hearlsburg or something like that. He was very helpful to me. Firedupkitchens.com