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Clay pizza oven design improvements/suggestions...

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  • Clay pizza oven design improvements/suggestions...


    I'm going to be making a start on building my first pizza oven this weekend so am looking for some advice.

    For my first oven the main criteria are that it is cheap, usable, easy to build, and quick to fire to temp required for pizza's.

    I did consider doing a brick oven but money's a bit short at the moment so it will have to wait, plus I think it would be good getting some experience first with a MUCH cheaper clay oven.

    So anyway onto the point of this thread...

    I have found an exellent journal/tutorial of a clay oven build that was done here in the UK at:

    1. Building a Clay Oven - The Basics The Clay Oven

    I'm going to be following the basic design and ideas of this journal however will be making some changes. For a start I'm building a brick base/stand for the oven. I will also be using firebricks inside on the base of the oven.

    My main question to you guys would be what simple changes would you make to this design to improve it, without drastically increasing build time and/or cost. I'm guessing insulation will be one of the main suggestions, and also the base of the oven.

    Anyway as MUCH help as possible would be greatly appreciated, as I'm starting it in 3 days time, and want to make the best possible oven for as little time and money as I can. The more specific you can be the better.

    Thanks and look forward to hearing your ideas!

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    Re: Clay pizza oven design improvements/suggestions...

    The design does not appear to include any insulation under the floor. It would be wise to include some, probably a cast slab of vermiculite/cement would be the cheapest.
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