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chimney placement

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  • chimney placement

    For the engineers out there- is there any reason my chimney can't be offset of center once it clears the front of the oven? I thinking of making some kind of historical re-creation like a church and using a "bell tower" as chimney.
    Any thoughts greatly appreciated, personal experience valued even more.

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    Re: chimney placement

    No problem, offsets are fine, as long as there are no more than two bends, and they are no more than 30 degrees per (that's the code).

    If you look at my build you will see that both chimneys are offset, but at smaller angles.
    My geodesic oven project: part 1, part 2


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      Re: chimney placement

      Somewhere out there (I believe somewhere on this site, but I couldn't find it) there is a discussion of brick ovens back in the day (way back) and how the placement of the chimney was in many cases from front, up and over the dome and then up. If I recall correctly there was even the point made that it helped the draw due to the heat of the dome. My concern would be the loss of heat from the top of the dome literally up the chimney, perhaps some adaptation where it set atop the insul blankets, then you would have the draw question anew. To the best of my recollection the setup looked something like below:


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        Re: chimney placement

        Mechanically there should nothing disastrous about offsetting the chimney over the oven. In the diagram above there would be no problem for pizza, but the oven would be expected to lose heat faster in bake mode. Also...the need for a cap to keep rain out would probably be a bit more important. It would probably be easier and better to simply use metal flue conduit and keep it relatively vertical which would allow normal insulation of the oven. (In the diagram the flatness of the flue is a bit concerning but could be overcome by making the chimney taller.)

        Good Luck!