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color of firebricks

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  • color of firebricks

    Hopefully someone can help me with the following questions:
    - except the landing area, is it true that the firebricks eventually become black after using it for a while ?
    - Do firebricks with a black color have any performance issue compared to lighter colors ? ( I have read that a light color have a better reflection, but I doubt this is true because I think the light colors eventually become black after using it ..)

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    Re: color of firebricks

    The answer would have to be no.

    Once the oven is cured, a big fire will get it so hot that the soot burns off the inside of the oven - that's how you can tell its the right temperature for pizzas. So the bricks keep their original colour.
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      Re: color of firebricks

      The only persistent soot will be in your entry and around your vent. as Frances says, the dome burns clean with every use.

      I went to great trouble to get "red" firebricks, and after a couple of years of use, the red tint has faded, and you can hardly tell they are different from the beige ones.
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