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building the stand

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  • building the stand

    Ok, in the instructions for building the landing, it says to "set your two pieces of 2"X2" angle irons across the opening between the two legs of the U shape..." but in the materials and tools list, it calls for 1 1/2" X1 1/2" angle iron....(that's one and a half inch)
    Will it matter if I use the 1 1/2" (which is what I just purchased!)

    And in the materials and tools list for the foundation it calls for (46) 80lb. bags of Ready-Mix concrete...then in the Insulating Hearth section it calls for 80lb. bags of pre-mixed concrete - can I buy pre-mixed? To me, premixed sounds like it's already mixed - and it comes in 80 lb. bags?


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    Re: building the stand

    Inch and a half angle iron should do fine.

    Ready-mix concrete, means the bags of concrete mix they sell at the home centers. It contains portland cement, sand, and crushed rock in the correct proportions, all you do is add water and mix.

    In these quantities, it's better to rent a mixer, that's a lot of hoe work in a masonry tray. Many people just order concrete from a proper concrete company, mixed with water and delivered to the curb. It's not much more expensive, and it's a big savings in the labor of lugging and mixing. I looked into it, and couldn't find a local vendor that would do small quantities, they wouldn't drive up the driveway with the full sized concrete truck. Many areas have concrete companies that will lend you a trailer that you hitch to your truck and pull home, a cubic yard at a time.
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