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Stand Width: Confused

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  • Stand Width: Confused


    This is obviously my first post, but I've been lurking for a bit.. so much great info here!

    I have a question for the more experienced about the stand. I am building a 36" oven. The pompeii oven plans call for a stand width of 63" (for clarification, when I say "width" I'm imagining staring at the front of the oven, from the outside of one block on the left, to the outside of the block on the right). I scaled mine down a bit to 56", but now I'm drawing out the oven floor on the hearth (which should have a width of 56" as well, assuming the hearth is framed around the outside of the stand) and it seems I have a lot of excess space on the sides. I understand the need for excess space on the front for landing area, but don't see why I would need 10" on each side? I'm assuming the oven floor is 36" in diameter.

    That just seems like a waste of material. So, If I shrink my stand width down to 48", that leaves me with 6" on each side of the oven floor.

    However, I'm unsure of myself and feel I may be missing something. Can someone clarify this for me, or assure me that my thinking is correct? Looking at the pictures, it looks like a lot of stands have just a few inches on the sides once the dome is completed.



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    Re: Stand Width: Confused

    Hey Justin,
    So, if you have 36" inside diameter, you are going to have 4.5" on each side for the width of the firebrick. Now we're up to t 45". Here comes the tricky part.

    You will want to insulate the sides. If you use the most expensive insulation ( ceramic blanket, perhaps) you'll want about 3" on either side for that. We're up to 45"+6" = 51"... AND you want to enclose the outer wall of the total oven. Usually one might use either bricks, or some use metal studs with some kind of masonry board. Either way it is going to add 8" ( four on each side) so we're up to 59". Roughly 5' ( 60")

    If you use the less expensive ( I did this, partly... on the floor and around the sides) and you want, say 4" of insulation around the firebricks, that puts you up to 62".

    I actually didn't understand the entire concept of ' inner oven space/ firebricks/ insulation/ outer shell' when I built mine, and my dome ( after brick/insulation/and outer shell/ ended up being about 2" wider than my hearth platform on each side) but I kind of let the insulation and stucco dome build out over ( just on the sides and back in the middle).

    I hope this makes sense.

    This may not be my last wood oven...


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      Re: Stand Width: Confused


      I am in the process of a 36" build with a 48"x56" stand. My build thread is here: http://www.fornobravo.com/forum/f6/s...uild-7128.html


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        Re: Stand Width: Confused

        Lars- That does make sense. Unforutnately, I realized all of that (except for accounting for the metal studs - good point) about 15 minutes after making this post, and quickly scrapped my idea of making the stand smaller. I blame it on me being up so late obsessing over this. I wanted to come back and reply, but my thread had not yet been approved by a moderator.

        Excellent, thanks for posting! I will check it out... it will be helpful to follow someone using almost identical dimensions!

        Thanks guys.