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  • Floating Hearth design

    I've seen a design where the rebar for the hearth just sits on the blocks for the stand and the cement stand is poured into a frame that is inside of the blocks for the stand. The insulation layer is poured over top of it and the oven built on that. This keeps the oven completely seperate but supported by the stand. Is there any advantage to this system?
    I live in a colder climate, gets darned cold in the winter. With this floating hearth design, it seems like I should have less worries about frost and a shifting slab below... or maybe more? What are your thoughts?
    Also, just for economics, rather than using rebar, I have some old steel posts made of T-Bar, much heavier than rebar. If I were to go with a floating hearth, I'd use these for the support. I would think that over time, the rebar would start to bend....
    My concern is trying to ensure that I don't have a frost issue over time. The slab foundation is 6" plus and heavily reinforced with rebar. The stand will likely be cement block finished with mortar and stucco.