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Insulation question (Australia)

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  • Insulation question (Australia)


    Another build from Adelaide Australia, have been an on and off lurker on the forum for a while, and have finally taken the plunge and started my WFO I have built the stand and poured the structural part of the hearth and am now at the point where I am ready to do the insulating layer

    I have a (possibly) dumb question about the amounts required, in the plans it says 2 x 4 cuft bags of perlite All I have seen here in Adelaide is bags of 100liters can someone please explain how much I will need also what is the best place to source the perlite in SA ?

    I tried Thermal Ceramics in Beverly and they told me to try the Hydoponics shops which I would imagine is an expensive way to go

    Many thanks Mike

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    Re: Insulation question (Australia)

    For Perlite stay away from Pottery Suppliers as they are much more expensive (eg: x2)than your best source: Hydoponics Suppliers.

    Check your prices here:
    Hydroponic Warehouse and Aqua Gardening

    I did my oven with $AUD40 of Perlite sourced locally here in Brisbane.

    So in SA:

    Coarse Perlite 100 Litres -- $AUD30.00 -- Cheaper than in Qld.

    When you see the stuff , with your proposed mix in mind. you'll be able to work out your quantities. But its like picking up and carrying a bean bag fill. And the overall volume will depend on the granule size. Buy more rather than less and use any leftover in the garden or pot plants.

    And don't buy Zeolite (from New Zealand) by mistake -- very different medium although similarly forged. --= but available at many Nurseries.
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      Re: Insulation question (Australia)

      Fantastic thanks for your reply - looks like I will be finishing my hearth this weekend