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36".... how big !?

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  • 36".... how big !?

    I'm trying to figure out the minimum overall width of my proposed oven dome and stand, and am a little confused reading the "Oven Stand" dimensions on the Pompeii directions: What the heck is the "upper wall" - 8" wide, 4" deep??

    My understanding: 36" internal diameter, + 4 1/2" firebrick each side= 45" diameter,.... + 5" insulation each side= 55" diameter. Then they add this 8" wide "upper wall" for a total width of 63". That's what I don't understand. I'm working with a limited space and am trying to visualize just how wide and how tall this oven is going to be. I'm already confused. Thanks for any help.


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    Re: 36".... how big !?

    The instructions are confusing. I reread them and believe the 8 inches they speak of is for the structure "above" the dome, hence the 4 inch thick walls. If you are building an igloo style (like I did) this does not apply.


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      Re: 36".... how big !?

      36 + 4 1/2 + 4 1/2 = 45, is your width starting point. Depending on what/how much insulation used adds to that. Examples: 2" of blanket would add 4 total inches, 4" of perlcrete or vemicrete would add 8 total inches; both of these are considered minimum specs for good performance. If your doing an igloo, you will need about 1/2" stucco/render to make it weather resistant (or finish with mosaic tile, stones, even pennies set in mortar), this adds ad least 1" to the width. If you are building an enclosure with steel studs that equals another 3 1/2" per side, PLUS the thickness of whatever you cover the studs with X 2 (1/2" backer board seems most popular). You can save a several inches by cutting in and setting the studs closer to the dome so that the widest point of the dome and insulation are nearly touching the backerboard. This is easier than I have described, and has been done by several builders.

      Figuring the depth is a little harder but is basically the same as the width, plus the depth of your vent/entry/landing area.

      I can't remember the exact depth of my oven, but I'm pretty certain the finished width is about 55". A 36" igloo, with 2" blanket, 2 1/2" of perlcrete, a 1/2" shell of type N mortar, and mosaic tile finish.
      Hope this helps.