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Forno Bravo Brand mortar???

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  • Forno Bravo Brand mortar???

    Has anyone had or used the Forno Bravo brand mortar?
    I orderd their 42" brick oven kit, which comes with 3 bag's of the stuff.
    Does it have to be mixed strait with water or is it a sand and water mix?
    I have been searching the Forum as well as the "plans". No mention anywhere I have been able to find so far.
    In the back page of the plans it talks about their Refrax which they say has a picture of a pizza on the bag, the sacks I have are white, they say Forno Bravo LLC and at the bottom high temp waterproof mortar.
    What should I do?

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    Re: Forno Bravo Brand mortar???

    I'm sure you shouldn't mix it with sand: refractory mortars don't work that way. Otherwise I'll defer to someone with specific kit experience. I thought they came with Refrax.
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      Re: Forno Bravo Brand mortar???

      This is confusing, there is no instructions which came with the kit and the downloadable plans are somewhat generic. I have been trying to make the best of it by reading the forum and the plans.
      The plans refer to Refmix, but this stuff is basically in a plain white sack. Not sure what I have here.
      Wanted to get the soidier course and entry arch mortared in today, oh well it waits till next weekend.


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        Re: Forno Bravo Brand mortar???

        Hey Travis,

        Sorry about that. We have tried to be clear that the Pompeii Kit comes with the new FB Mortar through FB.com and the spec sheet, but I can see that the current Pompeii Oven eBook does not describe FB Mortar, or give instructions.

        I have sent you an email message with instructions.

        Also, I think it is time for us to issue a new version of the Pompeii Oven eBook. I will have that available soon.

        Thanks for catching this.
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          Re: Forno Bravo Brand mortar???

          James, thanks for the reply
          You say mix it as you would any other mortar.
          I have never mixed any other mortar before, so how do you mix it?
          Add sand? Just water?
          Please, a little more help.


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            Re: Forno Bravo Brand mortar???


            I used a bunch of the FB Refmix and all I did was add watter. It takes a little practice to get the exact ammount of water figured out so start with small batches of the stuff.
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              Re: Forno Bravo Brand mortar???

              "Peanut butter" consistency worked well for me.

              Mluttropp is right, it takes a bit of practice to find the perfect amount of water/mortar mix.
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