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  • refractory floors motar

    I want to cast my pizza oven floor what material should I use for a precast refractory floors . Can I use the mix of portland cement, lime , fire clay with small river gravel ?

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    Re: refractory floors motar

    OK, I will take the bait, just for s**ts and giggles sake.

    segalano, I think you have folks on this forum a bit confused. First you ask about casting your oven hearth on an oven that I assume you have not yet built.
    Your second post mentions you have just completed a brick oven build, and in your third post you ask what to use to cast the dome on the oven you WANT to build and use a gas burner. All of you posts in the same day.
    If this is legitimate, then you obviously just completed a 'brick oven', realize that you have made a lot of mistakes, and are thinking of trying something different.

    Best advice for you is to go to the Forno Bravo store, download the FREE Pompeii oven plans, read them thoroughly several times to see what you should have done, then venture into the MANY threads on this forum that show the detailed chronicles of dozens of successful oven builds.....incuding many that involve casting the dome out of CASTABLE refractory cement.
    I apologize for seeming a bit harsh, but none of us can give you any guidance with your very brief, one line questions and absolutely zero details as to what you have built, if in fact you have aready built an oven. The best thing for you to do is start with the Pompeii plans.......or give us a lot more details. Better yet, do both and you will see a lot more helpful responses to your threads.
    One last thought, ditch the gas burner before you blow yourself up. If you do not have any previous experience (make that PROFESSIONAL experience) in plumbing an oven, you are going to have a disaster at some point. As dmun mentioned in your other thread, gas fired ovens are professionally designed and built with proper regulators and safety devices.