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Oven "Kit" vs "Custom build" from scratch

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  • Oven "Kit" vs "Custom build" from scratch

    I am in the design phase of a new home and plan to include a pizza oven on the outside wall of a screened porch with front of oven inside and the rest outside.

    What are the pros and cons of a "kit" such as FB Premio or Casa vs a "built from scratch" oven. We will use it for pizza and bread primarily, for ourselves (two of us) and entertaining. We will hire someone to do all of the work.

    Any and all general advice is also welcome as I am a pure newbie and novice.

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    Re: Oven "Kit" vs "Custom build" from scratch

    Hi Steve,

    If you are going to hire someone, you probably will want the Premio or Casa kit. Building a dome from scratch is a labor of love and takes a lot of time to do it right.

    The kits are more expensive than 200 firebricks and mortar, but take hours to assemble versus weeks to build a brick dome. As you know, skilled labor is expensive. The kits are also very easy to put together (less chance of mistakes by the contractor).

    The foundation, stand, insulation and final finish are virtually identical for either route you take.

    Regardless of which way you go, be sure to download Forno Bravo's E-Book for building the Pompeii Oven (scratch built) and the instructions for installing a kit.

    Read the information carefully to familiarize yourself with the process before hiring your contractor. You will need to watch the builders like a hawk to make sure it's done correctly. We've heard ugly stories about contractors and hired help doing things "their" way (wrong insulation, NO insulation, etc, etc).

    Read up as much as you can here on the forum. We'll be happy to direct you to the info you need and answer any questions you have.
    Ken H. - Kentucky
    42" Pompeii

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      Re: Oven "Kit" vs "Custom build" from scratch

      Hi Steve,

      Ken is "spot on" regarding your best options.

      The kit will confirm the oven chamber is going to function the best possible, and is less expensive than hiring that phase of the construction to be build on site.


      The single most important 'detail' in oven performance is insulation. It has been common for people to avoid, or ignore, or give this detail less attention than it is due...

      By reading the books Ken has referred and spending some time reading this forum, you will gain the education necessary to confirm this detail is addressed correctly by your contractor... and then your oven will work well....