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another firebrick question

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  • another firebrick question

    after searching the area i've found a yard that carries firebrick....after a few phone to the supplier and then one to the manufacturer...i have found that these bricks are a mediun duty..and have been told that low duty bricks are non existant in this area..the content of the available bricks is 33.9% alumina and 59.9% silica...i guess my simple question is..are these bricks satisfactory for use in building the oven..any input will be greatly appreciated..thanks

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    I could only find medium duty for mine (I found these bricks).

    My oven has only really been up to full temp once, but they worked great and retained heat well.

    James has this brick primer on the site. It says, "There is also a medium duty firebrick designed for higher heat. We recommend the low duty firebrick, but medium duty is acceptable."

    All-in-all, better to have a medium duty firebrick oven than no oven at all.

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      thanks for the a matter of fact..over the weekend i was searching the internet for firebrick and came accross the bricks that you used..the thing i really like about the bricks that i've found here is that they are very uniform in size and have clean..crisp..square corners..and btw..i've followed the building of your oven..very compliments