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Brick oven as a fashion statement

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  • Brick oven as a fashion statement

    Hello all,

    Hope you are having a good early Holiday season.

    FB had a fun mention in the Daily Telegraph the other day. Do you
    want a pizza oven in your Christmas stocking? Take a look.


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    i'm going to put a picture of mine on a tee shirt and then get a bumper sticker that says ask me about my pizza oven! everytime we cook something, its better than the last time.

    on another note, this has been a bumper year for dungenous (however that's spelled) crab. we've had it out of the oven several times this year and my wife and i can honestly say that it is the best crab*we have ever eaten. here's what we do:

    1. clean several crabs (throw away the body and keep the legs). you should end up with several leg segments per crab. (i'll post pictures tomorrow on my web site of what you should end up with and also more detailed instructions).

    2. toss the legs with liberal amounts of olive oil and black pepper and some salt.

    3. arrange the legs on a cookie sheet and put them into a hot oven for about 15 minutes. in this regard, i now have a theory about just the "doneness" of anything we put in the oven and that is: its not done until at least some part of it is burnt.*

    4. eat them. i could be happy just sucking on the shells, they're that tastey. we use almond wood and i think that the wood imparts a great flavor.