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Height of oven floor

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  • Height of oven floor

    I have a question in regards to the height of the oven floor. I am 5' 10" and was wondering from those who have already completed their oven and from their experience what is a good height for the oven floor from ground level. My estimation puts my floor at 45" once it is mortared down. Is that a good height or too short?

    I appreciate any input as I will be framing for the hearth this Sunday and pouring next Saturday.
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    hearth height

    My Hearth bricks are 40 1/2" above my foundation slab (my patio bricks are a smidge lower than the foundation slab). I am also 5' 10" and find that oven height to work fine for working with the paddle - easy to slide pizza in lift them out. Because my vent arch is a little lower than my dome entrance I do stoop a little to check on pizza and the fire, but this is mainly when I want to watch the flame show (beautiful sight) on the upper dome while the fire is burning high.


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      Thanks Maver....if I go with a 5 1/2 hearth and then use the Super Isol, which states it is 2", then once the floor is laid I am around 44 - 45". Too tall? Hopefully I will be okay as this I believe is about standard height after reading all the instructions.


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        My initial instinct was the extra 3" would be fine. Then I walked out to my oven and imagined sliding pizza into the oven (you have to tilt up the peel to get them to slide off) and realized you are really raising your shoulder quite a bit (which I think is pretty awkward) anything more than 41" to get the movement you need. For my 5' 10" frame my hand is at the hearth level when my elbow is bent 90 degrees. I built mine per the plans but did not really dig down much for my foundation as we really do not get significant frost in the Pacific Northwest. When I layed my brick patio it raised my feet to the top of the level of the slab - 40 1/2".

        I wonder what others have to say about this?

        Of course, too tall is easier to fix than too short - you can always pour or build a patio to stand on while working pizza.


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          Test oven floor height

          It's is definitely a matter of taste, where the is not rigtht or wrong. I prefer higher myself, and I am also 5'10".

          One way to test what works for you is to take a pizza peel, or tennis racquet, and make a pizza setting motion against a wall -- then measure the height of that spot. That is your natural "swing" and gives you a good idea of the height you would like.
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