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Mortar on dome and curing

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  • Mortar on dome and curing

    If I understand the instructions for installation, we:

    1. grout the joints in the dome;

    2. put a 1" thick layer of mortar all over the dome;

    3. lay the insulation blanket over the mortar;

    4. finally, either layer more mortar over the blanket, or fill the space with perlite or vermiculite.

    Assuming that all this is correct, at what point does the curing take place? Can I just grout the joints, wait till the grout dries, then cure the oven (before adding the layer of mortar for insulation? Or, do I have to apply the mortar, wait a week, then start the curing process?

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    Re: Mortar on dome and curing


    I'm wondering this question myself.

    can I start curing the dome BEFORE adding the insulation/stucco etc?

    is there some advantage to one approach over another?

    FB support... pls chime in.



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      Re: Mortar on dome and curing


      You would only mortar the joints of the oven, once you mortar the joints and it dries you would lay the insulation blankets, from there would would use a metal lathe/ or chicken wire to hold the blankets down and help form the shape of your oven. At this point it is up to you to decided how you plan on finishing off the oven. People sometimes stucco, paint, glaze and seal, other's are building a housing around the oven so they fill that space with vermiculite, or they may apply stucco then tile their ovens. There are may options.

      We recommend that you complete your oven before you start curing it.