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Casa 2G Modular - Cracked Pieces

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  • Casa 2G Modular - Cracked Pieces

    Wondering if any of you might have some insight into the Casa2G modular pieces.

    I finally opened up my pallet yesterday (Casa2G 110) and found 2 of the modular oven pieces had horizontal cracks running through them (end to end essentially). The pieces are still intact and we were able to carry them off the pallet about 20' without much trouble, though they weren't solid by any stretch, but the cracks do concern me. Once I assemble the pieces into the shape of the oven, and mortar them up, will they be fine? Or, do the cracks present some structural problems I need to get replaced before moving forward? Would placing some mortar on the inside + outside of these pieces solve the structural problems?

    I'll try and get some pictures uploaded soon, but thought I'd reach out before calling the FB folks in the morning.

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    Re: Casa 2G Modular - Cracked Pieces

    Hey Chaos,

    We have sent you an email on this. Those might be cracks from the crate being set down too hard, or they might be casting impressions on the outside of the oven (that are never seen and are not a problem). We will know what to do as soon as we see the photos.

    If there are any problems at all, we will get you replacement pieces. Not to worry!

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