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Caso2G80 / Wharped Cooking Floors

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  • Caso2G80 / Wharped Cooking Floors

    I just received the Casa2G 80 oven a couple weeks ago and I am now in the process of leveling the floor. One issue that I am running into though is that I cannot level the floor because two of biggest pieces are warped, making it nearly impossible to level. I have spent about 4 hours trying to level it.

    In picture 2 and 3, I have placed a straight edge on one piece and you can see a 3-4mm variance of the horizontal plane. In picture 4 the top piece is level but has a 3-4mm rise in the bottom left corner. If I push that edge down, the whole piece becomes unlevel and I get a 3-4mm recess on the bottom edge, and the far right edge at the entrance is noticeably uneven - picture 6. I know it must be pretty difficult to get perfectly flat pieces this size after they are baked, but is this typical?

    In the instructions, and comments from James at FB in other posts, he mentions it is critical to get the floor level. I am hesitant to use my angle grinder on the custom cut pieces, especially after paying almost $2k. Does anyone have any recommendations?
    Thank you!

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    Re: Caso2G80 / Wharped Cooking Floors

    Those look definitely curved. I picked up a 2G kit and the tiles were quite flat. Though with the slight give of the insul-board, it took me almost 4 hrs to level them on the sand bed. I hope you can get that corrected. Any word from FB? Check too that the assembled floor tiles diameter isn't larger than the I.D of the oven's base. Mine were a bit and it opens the interlocking joints a little on the bottom.

    Good Luck!



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      Re: Caso2G80 / Wharped Cooking Floors

      Hi Anders,

      That floor tile is definitely warped and it should not have gone out. We will replace it ASAP!

      Send an email to info at fornobravo.com and will be send your replacement piece.

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        Re: Caso2G80 / Wharped Cooking Floors

        Matt - thanks for your response. Appreciate your insight...and confirming that it can take up to 4 hours to level the floor!

        James - Thank you for your post. I got in touch with Zac in CS, and he is suppose to send out replacement pieces today. Thank you for your support!