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Casa2G90 - Getting Ready, Stucco Questions

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  • Casa2G90 - Getting Ready, Stucco Questions

    The freight company will be dropping the oven kit off on Monday and I am gearing up to do assembly. My base (pictured) was finished last week.

    I understand that water is an enemy until the final coat of stucco goes on, so should I'm planning on tarping if rain interrupts the build. I've read through the instructions several times and I think I've got the assembly down. I'm planning to finish it as a gray igloo.

    I'm new to stucco, so is there a primer online worth reading? Products worth recommending? I hear there is a partial vinyl stucco that I should use as the final coat. How long should I wait between coats, how many coats, etc? Any and all stucco advice is appreciated!

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    Re: Casa2G90 - Getting Ready, Stucco Questions

    What we did was after the Ceramic Insulation we wrapped our igloo in chicken wire and tie wired it all together to keep the nice shape. Then we coated it with poormans mortar...... let it dry one day. then next day I use "STO" Stucco then after it dried I put another coat on it. you can look at my build if you want to



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      Re: Casa2G90 - Getting Ready, Stucco Questions

      Hi Chris, I am getting a Casa 2g90 in the Spring, this winter I will build the stand for it. Can you tell me the exact width and lenght of your 2g90 as it sets on the stand, I am also going to have the brick arch. will this effect the length ? I don't want any over hange. .... Doug
      email address driach@fuse.net