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skamolex question

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  • skamolex question

    i'm trying to install some super isol on an existing oven that is constantly in use. i tried to glue the board in place, but the underside of the hearth is quite warm/hot and the glue doesn't seem to bond. any suggestions?

    i tried with another piece of board and it seems like the glue bonds to the underside of the oven, but not to the super isol itself. it bonds, but not particularly well. would some sort of mortar work?
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    Hi Peter,
    I can picture what you are trying to do. I have never tried to glue the SuperIsol to the bottom of anything, so I don't have any experience with how Skamolexx would bond.

    I don't think mortar would do it.

    Have you tried bracing the SuperIsol in place with a piece of wood, to give the glue a long time to set and bond? A long time.

    Could you possibly leave a brace there permanently?

    Meanwhile, I will contact the producer and see what they say. More to come.
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      Two products might be more efficient. In my masonry business, we use a glue called BondLoc for gluing stone where mortar is not an option. Also, there are several brands of masonry glue used for pavers, as in interlock manufactured "stone" applications. I'd definitely brace the insulation board in place until the glue sets.

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