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Flaking Parging Mortar - Casa2G110

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  • Flaking Parging Mortar - Casa2G110

    My mason assembled the oven and parged between the sections with the high heat mortar. The surface of the parging mortar has flaked badly. See the two attached photos. (Not sure if they are posting right - the surface of the parging looks like a dried lake bed or something like that.)

    Any advice? It has set for a week now and I was planning to start my curing fires. Should I worry about the flaking, or just proceed? Any advice would be appreciated.


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    Photos - Flaking Parging Mortar - Casa2G110

    I'll try posting the photos again.



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      Re: Flaking Parging Mortar - Casa2G110

      Hi Karl,

      James here. That should not have happened. Is the mortar band that seals the oven solid where it meets the oven dome, and will it hold in hot air and smoke?

      The Casa2G ovens have a really nice interlocking joint that makes the seal on the outside a lot less important than the butt joint between two bricks or non-interlocking dome pieces, so you are probably in good shape.

      But if you have any concerns, let us know. You can scrape away anything that is loose, and re-apply a more sticky mortar formulation. We can send you that right away (no charge) if you need it.

      Send us a message at info at fornobravo.com, or call, and we will get right on it!

      Again, sorry about the hassle. We want will make it right for you.

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