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    Hi I have been reading for a long long time, and due to time I would like to get a modular oven. My wife would like to cook on the weekend massive amounts of food to feed everyone we know at our lake house. She wants to be able to cook thanksgiving about 6 times a year and pizza every other weekend. Can any one tell me what you think of the premio 2g 44", 1) will it work for what she wants it for. 2) Are there any pictures of one being installed. 3) If I added more fiber mat will this be a benefit. I appreciate your time thank you.

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    Re: premio2g

    Hey daytripper,

    I'll jump in. I think a 44" Premio2G is a great choice for serious backyard cooking. It is big and heavy, so you have the space you need for a huge amount of cooking and hte heat retention is excellent.

    You can download the installation guide from FB.com here.


    The manual provides photos and graphics of the installation process. We also have some fun eBooks on wood-fired cooking. You can download those for free from the FB.com store

    Finally, the Premio2G comes with 4" of dome insulation and 3" of floor insulation -- which is a lot. You should be good with that.

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      Re: premio2g

      Thank you james How much larger is the 44 inch compared to the 40 inch? How big of a bird fits the oven? I know that this may sound silly but I do not know anything about this oven.


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        Re: premio2g

        A whole bunch of info located right here on this site about Premio's. Good luck!

        Premio2G Series Premium Residential Pizza Ovens
        My oven (for now):


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          Re: premio2g

          Looks like the Premio2G110, which is 42x52, is the same size as the Casa110, which I have.

          Mine holds a very large bird, over 20 lbs, just fine. The door height is the only limiting factor - there would be room for more than one 20+ lb bird on the inside. The door on the Premio2G110 is 16" high, per the specs; I don't think any turkey you are likely to eat would have any trouble clearing that door. (Any bird too big to fit through that door would probably be eating you.) You could remove the backbone and flatten it out, which would reduce the height (not a bad idea in any event - it's a great way to do a turkey).

          My oven handles 15 - 20 lbs of bread per bake, which should feed everyone you know (if not, do two bakes, which works fine in my oven and would do even better in the Premio, which has more insulation and a thicker casting, and, thus, greater thermal mass). Unless you're a pro, you'll never come close to maxing out on pizza capacity; you can't make them fast enough to get more than 1 or 2 in at once. They cook in a minute or two and it takes that long for most of us to build them. A 44" oven should handle all the pizza two or three good amateurs can build.

          Dave Konstantin posted a great gallery of his build of a Casa110 like mine on facebook. Go to Forno Bravo DC | Facebook and look for his gallery identified with Forno Bravo DC.

          Good luck,



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            Re: premio2g

            Thank you, I will be watching the builds so I can get the best way to put one together that will work for me and my wife. I have looked all over at wood burning ovens and this sight and the products here are buy far the best I have seen. Thank you once again.


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              Re: premio2g

              Did you get your Premio 2G yet? My 2G110 arrives next Monday. I have finished the hearth and will start assembly next weekend.