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Still unclear about dome

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  • Still unclear about dome

    Hey all, Steve from Nantucket here, proud owner of a Casa2g 110. I've read through many postings about finishing the dome, curing, etc. (and many looks at the FB CD as well) and I confess to remaining unclear on on a couple of things. The dome is complete and I have parged over the joints. Now...
    1) Do I parge over the entire dome surface? I have enough FB mortar mix to do so. Is this a "it's your choice" scenario?
    2) The oven is cured prior to applying the insulation. __YES __NO
    Those are my couple of things. Thanks, may your ovens always be hot!

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    Re: Still unclear about dome

    Congrats on your new purchase....that's a nice big oven.... You have a lifetime of tinkering ahead. Will defer to the FB people on your ??? Is it for your personal use or commercial use?
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      Re: Still unclear about dome

      Thanks Iwood. I've talked to a couple of friends and found additional threads about this on the FB forum and have come up with the very clear answer that one can choose to parge or not parge, that one can cure prior to insulation or after insulation.... the most common thread is about the curing, following the schedule and taking your time with it, so there you have it. What I've decided to do is keep the parged joints slightly damp for a week in order to keep the ref. mortar hydrated, a tip from a mason on this forum. This is working quite well and cracks are at a minimum. This upcoming weekend I'll loosely lay the insulation on the dome and start the curing. This oven is mounted on a trailer, which I'll be using for both business and pleasure. This idea has been fermenting since '08, when my daughter and I built an Alan Scott oven in the backyard. Just another crazy scheme my wife has too endure....


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        Re: Still unclear about dome

        Hi Steve,

        You do not need to cover the entire dome with additional mortar. It is an option, but it really isn't necessary. Your Casa2G oven has more than enough mass in the dome for tons of pizza making, bread baking and roasting. Make sure your joints are nicely sealed and the dome pieces are nice and tight.

        You also don't really need to cure the oven without the insulation, but if you can do it that way, it's fine. The moisture just slowly bakes out.

        So, you are doing the right things, and take your time curing the oven.

        Lots to look forward to -- enjoy!

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          Re: Still unclear about dome

          Thanks for the reply James. What you say is pretty much how I have decided to proceed. There is one comment, at least one, from someone who had the brilliant idea of actually cooking in the oven with the curing fires! Hey, why not? Looking to forward to that and lots more... Laissez les bon temps rouler!!!