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Wet Insulating Blanket

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  • Wet Insulating Blanket

    I am in the late stages of a Casa 2G100 build. My tarp leaked and my insulating blanket got wet. I currently have 3 layers covered in chicken wire awaiting stucco. Hard to tell exactly how wet it got. It wasn't thoroughly soaked, but took on a bunch of water.

    Do I have to replace it? How can I tell if it's OK?


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    Re: Wet Insulating Blanket

    If its ceramic blanket itll be fine, maybe you could fire up the oven to dry it?
    Fire it on low, not high.
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      Re: Wet Insulating Blanket

      I'd try to let it dry out before you cover it as best as possible.
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        Re: Wet Insulating Blanket

        Thanks for the reply. Yes it is a ceramic insulating blanket.
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          Re: Wet Insulating Blanket


          Brickie is correct, just fire the oven on low for a few hours to get the heat through the refractory - just think of this being an extended low temperature cure. The just be sure not to have anything on top of the insulation so that the steam has a free flow You will want to do this on a clear day with low humidity (a relative term on the East Coast) to maximize your efforts.

          Best o luck
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