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Hearth leveling

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  • Hearth leveling

    Just received shipment of my Casa 90 and it appears there might an issue with the hearth insulation (FB board I think it's called). It's in three pieces, two large ones and one small. One of the large pieces is thicker that the other two causing the hearth pieces to be uneven. I'm thinking, this can't be good, won't my peel get stuck on this protruding edge. Of course I know that I'm going to put some sand between the hearth and the FB board, that will help level the hearth, but shouldn't I start with a flat hearth? I'm just saying, I paid a lot of money for this thing. Should I ask for a new set of insulation boards that all match?

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    Re: Hearth leveling

    I'd get in touch with FB right away - probably a QC error. I notice sometimes people post problems like that on the forum, but that's not the most direct way of getting it resolved.

    Sorry to hear it - kind of a buzz kill when you're excited about getting started.


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      Re: Hearth leveling

      Thanks Paul
      I'll be calling first thing Monday. On further examination the problem is compounded by the fact that the two large hearth pieces are warped. Oh and I didn't mentions that the shipment was handled roughly resulting in a triggered Shockwatch Indicator on the create which resulted in a broken piece of the hearth as well.

      A buzz kill indeed!

      But I have faith that FB will make it right. Bad news is it's gonna cost me some pizza time.


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        Re: Hearth leveling

        Update to original post.

        The good news is FB is replacing the warped oven floor (hearth) pieces and of course the one broken in shipment. The not so good news is that they are not replacing the FB boards that are different thicknesses. Claiming that I can fix that with sand and or mud. Not what I wanted to hear.


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          Re: Hearth leveling

          Update - It's been about three weeks since receiving my Casa90 with the broken floor piece and two warped pieces. FB shipped replacements but wouldn't you know it, Fedex lost one of the pieces. Still waiting. Want to start the curing process. Bummer.



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            Re: Hearth leveling

            When it rains, it pours....I hope the delay is the worst thing in your life right now. In the scheme of the Cosmos, this will seem like a small thing this time next year

            Hang in there
            Lee B.
            DFW area, Texas, USA

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            I try to learn from my mistakes, and from yours when you give me a heads up.