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Giardino 70 or case2g80, please help

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  • Giardino 70 or case2g80, please help

    I am looking on getting a giardino 70 or casa2g80. My question is that I need to install it on a movable wooden cart. I have seen pictures in the photo gallary under completed ovens and a guy built one on a red wood wooden stand with wheels. I need this same set up. My questions is, The giardino 70 is 450 lbs and the casa is 750. That looks like alot of weight on a wooden cart. I would hate to have it break or split, since I will need to wheel it around. The max side is 42 inches on one side that it can be either length or width, with stucco and all. I have to fit the cart around the side of my house so thats why it can only by 42 inches. Will that work for the casa or giardino. Please help

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    Re: Giardino 70 or case2g80, please help

    Hi Kevin,

    I would highly suggest you use a metal cart. The weight of the oven is just the beginning. By the time you add insulatiOn and finish material, you will be over 1000lbs. If you are going to spend money on a oven you may as well spend a little extra to make sure it is on a stable base.

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