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Atigiano question

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  • Atigiano question

    In the pictures on forno bravo website, it appears that the Artigiano oven's door opening is nearly the height of the oven, is it from the angle of the camera or is it really that high ?

    I was led to believe that thousands of years ago the romans figured out a height of oven/height of door ratio that works well with these ovens and all the other ovens FornoBravo sells appear to follow that with smaller openings then the oven but the Artigiano in the pictures does not seem to.

    Since FornoBravo is unwilling to answer this, does anyone have a Artigiano and can tell me if the opening is as tall as it looks or its a figment of my imagination, please.

    And sorry if I sound a little rough, I have been trying to get answers from them and its like they read first sentence of a e-mail and answer it, so you have to send the second sentence, then the 3rd....
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    Re: Atigiano question

    This pdf has the oven opening dimensions and the external height:


    Assuming 4.5" half bricks are used in the dome as is standard(it looks like they are) that makes the internal dome heights as follows:

    Artigiano80 and Artigiano100 19.6" - 4.5" = 15.1"
    Artigiano120 20.8" - 4.5" = 16.3"

    The opening ratios are as follows:

    Artigiano80 9.8"/15.1" = 64.9%
    Artigiano100 12.7"/15.1" = 84.1%
    Artigiano120 12.7"/16.3" = 77.9%

    Hope this helps. As I already stated, this is based on the assumption of 4.5" half bricks used to form the dome. This is the standard method even in Italy, and looks to be the case, but is not a 100% certain. 63% is said to be the "ideal" ratio, but there is certainly some wiggle room for an oven that functions well.


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      Re: Atigiano question

      It does help, I was doing the math as per that PDF but forgetting to subtract the 4.5" for the brick so I was going outside of the dome to inside of the door.

      The numbers for the bigger ovens are no where near the 63%, I know there is wiggle room but it seems like a lot of wiggle.
      ...Life without Pizza is no life at all...