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Sunday Volta 100 Install

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  • Sunday Volta 100 Install

    I started my build thread here http://www.fornobravo.com/forum/f21/...ven-18498.html but wanted to link folks to it who are specifically looking at modular ovens....

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    Re: Sunday Volta 100 Install

    I thought that I would post a quick update operational on this oven approx. 16months in. You can find all of the detail on the install of this oven in the link above.

    Summary: great oven for the price. could not be happier with the performance for neo pizza.

    Firing - the oven is very quick to get to temp. if I focus on the fire, I can clear the dome in under 45mins. If I start a fire and neglect it (checking every 15-20mins) it takes about 1 -1.25hrs to clear the dome. Clearing the dome only takes about 6-8 pcs of split wood (14-16" long, avg split size). Very efficient based on what I have read on this forum.

    Temps - dome easily reaches 1000deg+. floor temps of 600-800 are easily achieved. Based on a 1 hr firing, I can easily cook 6-8 pizzas before the floor temp drops too much and the leoparding of the crust trails off. A quick shift of the fire to the other side and I can easily do another 6-8 pizzas on the other side (and keep moving the fire back and forth to recharge the floor). All told I have done close to 20 pizzas in a firing and not had any temperature issues.

    Quality - no cracks to date in the dome or floor bricks. The dome did settle a bit/shift and I have gaps between the dome pieces but the dome is wrapped in blankets and I am reasonably confident that the overlapping tabs of the dome pieces are keeping the flames from directly hitting the blanket and the blanket is rated over 2,000 degrees. I am hoping that the blanket does not degrade over time from potential exposure to flames/heat. I really don't want to have to rip off the roof and open up the house to reinsulate/set the dome....

    Open issues: I have never done a really long firing to know if the oven is fully heat saturated and with a single wall steel door only, the oven temp drops off quickly overnight. I hope to have a new insulated stainless door built shortly and then will start experimenting with temp drops so that I can start doing bread and slow cooking/smoking.....more to come this fall.


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      Really enjoyed your build thread and am about to start my own...........anything changed with regards to the your opinion on the Volta?