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new into building oven help please??????

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  • new into building oven help please??????

    Hi everyone, i have been following this great forum for months now, and after all this time its time for me to start and build my own mobile pizza trailer here in perth western australia, my project is going to be very similar to one of the fire within trailer with single axle.
    My doubt are about how to build the best base and what material use to have the best insulation and durability for my brand new valoriani, i will build the oven by my self and there are so many school of ideas out there that is getting a bit confusing to understand whats best and whats not, so for example how thick do i have to weld the square/base still on the trailer, or should i pour concrete or there are other material? so if anyone of you can help me with step by step and what to use i would really appreciate,.
    Sorry for the too many question but im really struggling to understand,
    thanks very much christian

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    Re: new into building oven help please??????

    Sorry, not really versed on the mobile oven, but wish you good luck!


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      Re: new into building oven help please??????

      I sent a friend request to you as well as a private message. I think that we can help each other as I am building a trailer/oven combo as well.


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        Re: new into building oven help please??????

        Do a search on mobile or trailer ovens, there is quite a lot here on the forum. There are lots of things to consider.
        Have you looked at the weight of your oven in relation to the spring load? A single axle presents problems with the centre of gravity, particularly if the load is pretty heavy. Not only the centre of gravity in relation to the axle front and back, but the height of the oven also. I think having it lower than you would really like is a good safety move.
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