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Casa 2g80 install questions

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  • Casa 2g80 install questions

    I am beginning installation. I have already poured the foundation but have been second guessing the size of the foundation. I plan to use wall block for the stand and oven surround. Looking at the recommended size of the hearth from FB, i should be good. However, i would like to make any changes now. The current size of the foundation is 54 x 61. I plan to make the stand 54 x 60.
    I will initially stucco the dome and then surround it with the block as I have time.
    What does everyone Fill the empty space with? Or should I leave the air space?
    How do I keep water from entering the space between the oven and the surround when using the wall block
    For the enclosure?

    Thanks for your help in advance.
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    Re: Casa 2g80 install questions

    Hello Giaco...sure you can go ahead and insulate and stucco your oven now and build your enclosure at a later date but but my question to you would be which look do you really prefer?I've done ovens both ways and both have there pros and cons and the difference in time it takes me to finish the rough enclosure as compared to doing the stucco is actually pretty minimal.It sounds like you really prefer the look of the block enclosure so I say go for it.Just to clarify you do not have to stucco the oven if you enclose it with block,simply follow your assembly manual.After you place the supplied fiber blankets to your oven build the enclosure to the height you want and fill the resulting cavity with loose vermiculite.Then build what ever roof over the whole deal.Booom done.....eazy pezzy with no need to stucco unless you want to stucco the exterior of the enclosure which is super easy compared to stuccoing over the oven insulation(that's sculpture in the positive space).Any one can aply functional stucco but it takes some skill to apply it smooth and balanced to a round surface.Cellulite does not look good on a pizza oven.



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      Re: Casa 2g80 install questions

      We wanted an enclosure which had the look of all masonry type products. We built the oven and insulated it, then made an enclosure out of bricks. We then filled the space between the brick enclosure and oven with gravel to support the concrete roof pour. After that we covered the concrete arched roof with slate tiles to complete the look. Just one way out of many excellent ways to finish off your project.


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        Re: Casa 2g80 install questions

        That looks amazing Rbhumbert!


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          Re: Casa 2g80 install questions

          Thank you applor. We enjoyed the journey and we are now reaping the benefits. Last weekend we had Carne asada pizza and baked 8 loaves of bread the following day. It has been a great addition to our home.