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Securing Lathe to Insulation/Dome

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  • Securing Lathe to Insulation/Dome

    Planning to do the scratch coat this weekend, any tricks to securing the lathe in place?

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    Re: Securing Lathe to Insulation/Dome

    I used 1/2" square hardware cloth and found it pretty easy to get it to stay on the dome. I cut the cloth in to smaller pieces to work with and the cut edges tended to stick to each other well, I would bend them over each other in a few places as well.

    Good luck with the scratch coat!


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      Re: Securing Lathe to Insulation/Dome

      I used 1/2" hardware cloth, also. I did not secure the mesh directly to the insulation. I added a vcrete layer over it. But cutting and fitting the wire is probably about the same.

      This link may help explain.

      Also, the wire they use to secure the mesh in the roll makes great tie wire .
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        Re: Securing Lathe to Insulation/Dome

        I use thin wire ties embedded in the refractory, but another way to secure it is to hold it in place by tieing string around it. Where the string goes across the entry arch can be cut off later when you've worked over it and things have set.
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          Re: Securing Lathe to Insulation/Dome

          Those small plastic zip ties work well. Quick and easy. No tools required, except a small pair of needle nose pliers in some places.
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            Re: Securing Lathe to Insulation/Dome

            We used stucco wire mesh but the softer/thinner grade wire. Drilled holes into the counter a d heart. Ran screws and wires all around to secure. Came out perfectly round and secure
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