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Moving Casa2G 90 across town?

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  • Moving Casa2G 90 across town?

    Getting ready to move into a new house 4 miles away on 35-45mph roads and trying to figure the best way to move the oven and if anyone has any experience doing so.

    For background, I've got build documented here:


    Was thinking of hiring someone with a forklift to lift it by the 4" cement board/base and putting it on a trailer.

    What's the chances of it surviving the move?


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    Re: Moving Casa2G 90 across town?

    How exactly are you going to get the forlift arms under the base when it is mortared to the concrete blocks?

    Would it be possible to remove the stucco and insulation, lift just the pizza oven onto a solid base, remove the cooking blocks and rigid insulation, transport, build another base at the new home and place on it?
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      Re: Moving Casa2G 90 across town?

      It doesn't say that he mortared the cement board to the blocks. I think the board is only resting on the blocks with the reo concrete sitting on top of that?

      Aaron I think if it was well secured/balanced and you drove it slowly on the shoulder you should be fine.
      Sharp impacts is what will cause cracking but if you can get it on a forklift and drive slowly then that should avoid any of that.

      How were you planning to get the forklift under the cement board?
      Is it possible to remove the front arch course of blocks? Then you could just lift it right there from the front.


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        Re: Moving Casa2G 90 across town?

        I just want to "play out" an alternative for you to consider. Have you thought about leaving the oven for the new owners? Or, maybe asking a little more on the side for leaving it, or including it in the purchase price of the home?

        Removing the oven is going to leave a necked base, (and or) a necked slab that will have to be delt with by someone . Now, that you have the knowledge of how a WFO works, you could easily apply your skills to setting and finishing another Casa2G 90. Or maybe, even building your dream oven from scratch .
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          Re: Moving Casa2G 90 across town?

          The base may be resting on the concrete blocks, but how are you going to get a forklift under it and lift it off? Gently and without tearing everything up.
          I think there will be enough flex in the concrete pad, and add to that the jarring up and down every time you hit a pothole, make a turn, or whatever as you drive down the street to cause cracking of the dome. My 0.02 worth.
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