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chemney vent assembly question?

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  • chemney vent assembly question?

    on my casa 90 the oven vent is not flush with the oppening I had to put the back of the vent on the dome. To make it level I had to build it up about 2.5 in up front with fire brick and refax motor. Also pushing the vent back made the opening smaller has anyone else come across this problem? Peter the mason for forno bravo was very helpful with my insulation. He assured me that it was ok to do this and that the opening would be fine. But having the dome vent not match did throw me for a loop. I think the installation guide should be little more clear on some of the steps. If anyone is thinking about buying a kit I would recomend Forn Bravo if for only the help I got from there mason Peter. I will be finishing my oven tomorow and will start my first fire next wed. So far a good experence we will see in a couple of weeks how successful I was.

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    Re: chemney vent assembly question?

    Hi Doug,

    You are right in that it is not totally intuitive. And Peter is also right that it works perfectly the way you did it. Thanks Peter!

    For background, the reason it does not line up perfectly is that the vent can be used two ways -- depending on your enclosure style. Most people want a flat decorative arch to define the opening into the oven, which is why you set the vent back to line up flush with the front of the oven vent walls. The vent also supports a type of installation where the opening is square, and stone is used to form it. That way, the vent hangs over the edge, and the stone frames everything in. I have seen installations done that way in Italy, though fewer in the U.S.

    Also, your comment that this could/should be more clear in the installation guide is well-taken. We are working on a new version of the installation guide right now, and we are working on improving that section. Thanks for the input on that.

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      Re: chimney vent assembly question?

      I, too, had the same reaction when building my Casa110. I kept going back and looking at the instructions and flip-flopping the vent piece.

      I ended up using some scrap SuperIso board as filler to get the front up and the vent piece level. In the end I am happy with the result but I could have gotten by without the stress.

      J W