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Indoor installation anyone?

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  • Indoor installation anyone?

    Has anyone installed a casa oven indoors? I am building a kitchen at the moment, here in Ireland and want to put a casa80 in at a back wall facing into the kitchen cantral (Of course ) Has anybody done it and if so what problems did they face? Will I need extra insulation with kitchen units either side? Will I need a chimney fan to help boost against blow back?


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    Re: Indoor installation anyone?

    Hello Dulux,

    You can definitely install a Casa oven indoors. We have photos on FB.com -- though there are not as many as there are outdoor photos.

    I will send you the new (not yet released) Casa installation guide, which has installation instructions for indoor ovens, including setbacks from combustibles and ventilation. This is the manual that has been approved by the UL Listing folks.

    You are in good shape on this one!

    Let me know if you have any questions after you get the new IOM (Installation and Operating Manual) -- that what Intertek calls it.

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      Re: Indoor installation anyone?

      Great, it will save me a lot of questions on here


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        Re: Indoor installation anyone?

        I really like the idea - especially with the sort of weather we have now. If I were doing it I would have the entire oven inside the kitchen, not to let any warmth out into the nasty outside, keeping it all in. Think masonry heater, slowly releasing gentle warmth ...

        Cats would love it too.

        Sadly, I can't think of a place in our (freshly rebuilt anyway) kitchen for a medium sized pizza oven :-(

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          Re: Indoor installation anyone?

          I'm not sure whats in the New Casa Installation Guide, I will ask James for a copy, I have installed 4 in homes and a few more in resturants, I will take a look and let you know if they missed something


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            Re: Indoor installation anyone?

            The New Casa installation guide is on The Website, It should help you out , any questions let me know and I will try to help you out