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Help, I broke my oven!

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  • Help, I broke my oven!

    Hi everyone,
    I unfortunately had to move my WFO to a new location at home and during the move 2 of the oven refactory concrete modules got broken. Do you think this oven is a write off or can I fix it using some kind heat proof cement?
    Many thanks,

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    I can see no reason why you can't repair it with refractory cement.
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      I agree with Mark, the oven should be repairable. The great thing about the Pompeii style is that the structure itself is self supporting (when complete). Your challenge will be to support the pieces back into their original form as you apply homebrew mix (a cheaper & more reliable refractory mortar/cement). Most refractory cements are listed as only for thin applications and it looks like you're going to need some patches as well. You may have to form/shape a sand mound to place & patch (much like using a sand form when casting pieces).

      Since the homebrew formula ingredients are fairly inexpensive, it would seem to me worth the effort to attempt a "repair". I think this would be an excellent addition to the forum knowledge bank and wish you success.
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        Thank you very much guys,
        I noticed that the other pieces of the oven also had hairline cracks and actually crumbled easily when put under any pressure, I’ve decided to attempt to build a brick oven and although a little apprehensive I me very excited and getting so much inspiration from this amazing forum.
        Ive ordered the bricks and will let you know how I get on, once again, thank you.