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    As to the screws question, I backed up the screws with a couple of ratchet strips. The blocking mid way also helped keep the sides from bowing. Seemed to work ok for me but I am one of the least experienced ones here. Thought the photo might help you though. See post #13

    A friend lent me a mixer but I would have gotten one, but I am lazy. And I think the mixer does a better job. My hearth was like 57" x 63" ish and I used 19 bags. I have seen videos of guys doing much larger jobs by hand but wow, lots of work. I think not having to mix allows more time to work with the concrete in the form.

    Everything I have read about the hearth on here just mentions the rebar in the configuration you mention. Not sure why the mesh is skipped but I would guess that with that close a matrix of rebar, the mesh is redundant. In the base, the rebar is only laid around the edges so the mesh helps in the middle.

    Re the taping of the seam, I did the support slightly different, a plywood bottom that was removed. I put a 2x6 under the seam to support its length, and I taped it.

    I am starting my steel stud frame soon too and have not done much with them either. I consulted a carpenter friend and he gave me a few pointers and ideas.

    I am are building the house before the oven?
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      Thanks Shawnr - Not building the house yet just thinking ahead. Good idea with the straps. I think I'll try that!. Great idea putting the mixer up on blocks!


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        All I have time for today. Headed to San Francisco to watch the Giants Dodgers playoff game. Go Giants!


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          Getting a little done each day. It finally started raining in Nor Cal (which is good). Got some snow at Lake Tahoe and on the coast range. Winter is coming!. We'll be skiing in no time I'll be looking for a dry weekend to get the hearth poured.


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            Are you going to raise the rebar off the duracrete floor?
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              Yes, I'll put two pieces of scrap 1/2" hardie backer under each cross member. That should put it a little under the middle
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                hillscp I probably should not be giving suggestions on this website with the experience that is here but will throw 2 cents in anyways.... I know you asked about the strapping I used on my hearth form. Looking at the form you have, I really would not trust the screws/nails at the 45 degree joints so a strap with blocking in place to ensure it is effective at those joints would be a good idea. You could scab on extra 2x4 or 6's over the 45 degree joints too. I don't know much about forming but know that a form blowing out would ruin an otherwise fun day.

                Good luck!
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                  Thanks for looking out for me I have a couple of things to do before the pour. Straps and lifting the rebar up. It's supposed to rain until next Wednesday though so it might have to wait. I have it all covered in a tarp so the form won't warp. BTW there are 3 1/2 inch #10 screws in all the corners.