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    I’m at the point of putting lath on before scratch coat. I want to add mosaic tile as a finish. Oven is completely under roof.

    I am at point of putting lath on for scratch coat. I’ve watched videos from forno that shows scratch coat day one and stucco day two. I emailed FB and they said scratch coat followed by thin set for mosaic tile. My contractor thinks they need to use some other type of mortar for mosaic because it’s outside with fluctuating temperatures.

    Who has outside oven with mosaic that you built, what type of mortar did you use for setting mosaic?


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    I don't fall into your target group. But, the outside of a properly insulated oven does not get very hot. Where I live, direct sunlight would heat an exterior tile hotter than the fire inside the oven. A scratch and brown coat is the minimum number of coats that stucco needs for strength imo. I think that that is what you saw in the videos. Don't skip the brown coat. I like the standard three coat stucco application My advise is to go with what your contractor is advising. He/She is also probably advising an interior/exterior grade grout as well.
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