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over wintering dry stack block stand / freeze thaw

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  • over wintering dry stack block stand / freeze thaw

    Currently in the process of finishing my Casa2g90. Question is specifically regarding the dry stacked block stand(s). For the oven and island, they are dry stacked with 50% or more of the cores filled with concrete. My intention is to get the second suspended slab for my island counterop poured and then "call it quits" for the year and next year just have some finishing work to do by mortaring on stacked stone fascia.

    The question is, has anyone over-wintered their dry stacked concrete stand and how did it hold up? Do I need to sparge this or something treat it with something quickly before the freeze thaw of SW Pennsylvania? Without the mortar, there are plenty of gaps and voids that water could sneak into, plus the block itself is clearly porous and aborbent. Any insight is appreciated.


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    I'm in Pittsburgh and did the same thing last fall just building the base before temps dropped (still under construction this year). I didn't have any issues like you suggested. I noted that after a bad rain, the base slab will suck up moisture from underneath and look damp like a wick in spots, and that can creep up an inch or so to the blocks, but no standing water anywhere. I think the block being porous works both ways in any water inside the cavities will bleed out. As long as you get a slab (or something) over that hole so it doesn't act like a bucket (albeit a leaky one), you can rest easy.


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      Thanks, thats exactly what I suspected. As you can see mine are wicking up the water in the picture. I didn't suspect it could be a real issue plenty of construction including a barn and other stuff around my house are made of block but I ran into a guy on a FB group insisting that if the joints aren't mortared the entire thing will practically explode and that has just generally not been my experience at all. I cant see how the lack of a mortar joint would be any different as the block still soak up water.

      Regarding the covering the hole, I just poured the counter top for it yesterday!
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