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Premio2G 120 questions before purchase

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  • Premio2G 120 questions before purchase

    Haven't seen many Premio 120 examples..

    How large of a hearth slab will be needed for a Premio120? Wood only, metal stud enclosure, 8" red brick landing.
    From the diagram it looks like 68" wide by 75" deep? (to account for landing and enclosure)

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    Contact Forno Bravo.
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      Hi MiScusi,

      Welcome to the forum. I am sure that someone from Forno Bravo and/or maybe a Premio owner will jump in here pretty soon. There are several Premio threads on the forum. But, I believe that most were finished as an igloo style. Someone else will ultimately be seeking the same information and it would be great for your findings to be posted here for others to find.
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        Hello there MiScusi ! spoke with my team:

        Here is a link to the Premio120 which I believe you already looked at based on your comments above. Page 3 of 7 covers a standard masonry stand footprint under the following assumptions.
        • No extended landing in front for countertop space outside the oven
        • A standard stucco finish, if you use anything thicker for façade like brick, you need to increase size according to additional material thickness
        • Ensure you follow clearance to combustibles on the drawing to prevent an adjacent structure from catching fire.
        • NOTE we sell a ready-made stand called the Cucina 130 that fits the Premio120 dimension requirements refer to page 4 of 7 for that drawing.

        From the dimensions you mentioned, it does look in line with what you want to accomplish with the 8" landing, but as always, I recommend you speak with our tech team to make sure we have all the details prior to purchasing. We'll be uploading a full gallery of customer builds shortly to the website, and also I wanted to share a few builds if you haven't taken a look at them yet.

        Kit Build:

        Forno Kit Build:
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