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    If you see dark patches , yes it is an indication of moisture. Also if you see visible steam you are going too hard, back off. Allowing the oven to cool will allow all of the parts to return to the same temperature so you can start again. Even a break for a couple of days could help some of the moisture migrate back. This is always right at the point where you want to start cooking in the oven so going really slow is hard. Buy a chicken and roast it after around the 4th burn. If it doesn’t cook sufficiently you can finish it off in the kitchen oven. That way at least you are getting some cooking done.and getting to know your oven (friend) characteristics.
    Don’t drill any holes, better to just dry it slowly.
    Kindled with zeal and fired with passion.


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      Thanks David! I appreciate your advice and will continue on. No steam even after my 5th burn at 500 deg. The dark patches are small and spread out on left side of the oven. I will plan on starting up again next week. Again, thanks for the advice.


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        Let the oven sit for a week while I was out of town. Fired up another 500deg burn and the dark patches seem to have gone. So, firing up a 1000deg burn and will do some pizza for Father's day....

        FYI, heat retention seems pretty good for not having an insulated door. After the 500 deg temp, checked temp at 475 placed the door and the next morning temp was at 375.


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          First pizza on Fathers day. 1000 deg...

          FYI, fire starting hack

          Save your toilet paper and paper towel rolls, dryer lint and bacon grease.

          Stuff rolls with dryer lint. The tighter you stuff the longer it lasts.

          When you are ready to use, pour bacon grease in the end of the tube on dryer lint.

          Place under your kindling wood and light.

          I use regular rolls for my Weber chimney and the paper towel rolls for my smoker and Pizza oven.

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            Well, finally found some 18 gauge framing material! Started erecting over the holiday weekend. Going very well, glad I got the heaver gauge! Nice and stout. I will be doing a cable roof to match my back patio. And clading with the stone left over from my house build.