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Oven Kit Question :confused:

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  • Oven Kit Question :confused:

    Ok Sorry if this is a stupid question..
    I am trying to decide if I should attempt to build my own pzza oven or buy one of the kits.
    I know I can save money by building it myself but just how much I am not sure...Plus I don't have confidence in building the dome.

    One question is
    If I buy one of the kits does it just sit on top of a base I can easily build and then can I add a "finish" such as a brick arch,sides and a roof?


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    As far as I know you are correct, the kit will sit on the same type of base as you'd construct for a "built from scratch" Pompeii. Of course you'll need a fire brick floor or a premade one from Forno Bravo (if that is where you're getting your kit).

    You'll also need to insulate the dome before you finish it with stucco or build a framed enclosure.

    I'm going through the same decision making process. Spend the money on a Casa or Premio and ensure quicker completion or save the cash and enjoy the pride building and showing off the Pompeii. If the Pompeii doesn't take me all year!

    Which ever I choose, the sooner I complete the oven, the sooner I stop spending $15 a pie at my favorite restaurant!


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      Sorry I am still confused!

      Did you say we MUST finish off the oven?
      I was thinking of buying the CASA oven and adding a decorative arch and and enclosure such as sides and a roof.
      Or should I go with the Brick oven..


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        Sorry if my repy wasn't clear.

        The Casa or Premio are made of a Refractory material that will still need to have an insulating cover and if I'm correct, under that additional masonry mass (Refractory mortar?) applied to the shell. You are simply replacing the hand built brick dome with a modular one when buying the Casa or Premio. The more pricey Artigiano seems to have all the mass and ships with insulation too.

        With either the Pompeii design or the Casa/Premio you apply more masonry mass to the dome to retain the heat longer. A layer of insulation over that adds to that as well.

        Depending on the look you want you'll either want to apply stucco, (maybe even mosaic tiles as Robert Musa did) or build a "dog house" type enclosure. That is best done with metal studs sheathed in masonry board and then finish with what ever material you choose.

        I hope that helps and I hope even more that I'm correct in my assertions. Perhaps a more experienced member can weigh in if I'm steering you wrong.

        Good luck!