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Casa on a rolling steel stand

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  • Casa on a rolling steel stand

    I still plan on a large oven in my backyard, say a 42 Pompeii or similar sized Casa, yet I'm lured by the thought of a second, smaller one (Casa 80 or 90) near the house. This one would be on the porch off the kitchen and used for one or two pies for the family, not entertaining.

    To save space I'm interested in the smallest footprint possible, as little mass as possible and the ability to roll it out of the way when not in use. The final consideration is that I have the ability to do as much of it myself, i.e. not a prebuilt unit.

    I assume I'd need an insulating floor built into the stand and of course insulation and stucco type material for the dome? Suggestions?
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    We had a customer in Stockton put an oven on a metal frame with caster. He had metalworking experience and wanted to move the oven around a little. Still, they are pretty heavy, so I'm not sure how often he has actually moved it.

    To keep the oven light, you could construct a rigid metal tray (4") and fill it with insulating concrete. That would be structurally sound and lighter.

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