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Casa needed now......

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  • Casa needed now......

    I am about to order a Casa unit for a family reunion in 3 weeks and we would like to put it on the rolling stand similar to a previous post. We have the capability to fab the stand inhouse but to we have time to complete the project. We are located in PA. Are the units ready to ship??
    Do you have an idea on time to complete once unit arrives?? We will have stand ready next week with ease.
    I need your help as I am already committed to this pizza party and i will have one unhappy family if I can't pull this off.
    You don't happen to have an east coast warehouse or distributor, do you??
    I need to order this tomorrow if we can do it.

    Thanks for the great site,

    Tom Marino in PA

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    I think you need to order Papa Murphys . Keep everyone inside and tell them you made it in your ?oven?. Even if you buy a pre-cast, I believe it takes time for the unit to ?cure?(if you are looking for more than a day of function). From what I have read, (and experienced), this is a labor of love ? don?t rush it. With that said, three weeks would be insane. It may be possible to rent one of the rolling units ? James could address this best.

    Good luck.

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      Hey Tom,

      Sounds pretty tight. I am travelling back to the office tomorrow and in the office on Tues. We can talk schedules, shipping time, installation time, and curing time.

      Let's talk about this.
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        Casa now


        I need to talk to you today regarding this project.
        I'll be on the road this afternoon. You can reach me at 814-450-0438. Do you have units on the east coast??
        I am at my office at 814-734-7364 currently.


        Tom Marino in PA