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lowest dome height

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  • lowest dome height

    which oven is the best choice for Neapolitan pizza . is the casa the lowest internal dome ? does the opening meet the needs of pizza or is it to big?
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    Re: lowest dome height

    I'm a novice, just beginning my oven...but my understanding is that a low, flat ceiling is slightly better for pizza and a high, round ceiling is better for everything else: bread, roast, turkey, whatever.

    Again, as a novice, my understanding on the opening is to shoot for an opening height 63% of the interior dome height. Width is relatively unimportant from a thermal point of view, you just want it wide enough to manipulate tools in the oven without being so wide that you are wastefully evacuating heat.

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      Re: lowest dome height

      I'd say the Casa will cook pizzas pretty well. I don't have one, but maybe someone with one will chime in. Or James will swoop in with some info.