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Oven floor question

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  • Oven floor question

    I'm in the process of setting my oven floor for my Casa2G 100. I spread the sand on the FB board and at a couple of the edges there are some gaps between the bottom of the floor and the FB board where the sand is so loose it won't stay up in there. Overall, the floor seems to be stable but I don't want to risk it becoming unlevel in the process of putting the dome around it. I was thinking about getting some of that foam fire caulk that you can spray and filling in some of those gaps. In retrospect, I think if I had wet the sand a little this wouldn't have happened but its also 13 degrees here today and that may have been a problem. Any thoughts?

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    Re: Oven floor question

    Hello jbuildarkansas,

    You should use enough sand to fill any little gaps in the insulating board, and provide a level and secure base for the floor pieces. After you can assembled the dome around the floor, you can put a little sand between the outer edge of the floor and the dome walls. Just enough to hold everything nicely in place. Don't put any sand between the floor pieces -- they should fit snugly together.

    Don't put anything else between the floor and the dome walls. The oven floor and dome expand and contract differently when you fire and cool your oven, and that little gap allows them to work independently. It will fill up with ash and won't get in the way of cooking.

    Have fun with the rest of the installation!
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